Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform. Users can create learning games which can be interacted with by other users through online devices. This way, both educators and students can be engaged through play and creativity to research, create, collaborate and share knowledge.

Starting a new Kahoot! you can choose from four categories: quiz, discussion, survey or “jumble” (where students need to put the answer options in the correct order). After selecting one of these options you:

  • Write down your questions and answers
  • Save them and
  • Complete the process by filling in some settings.

As you start the game in class it provides an activation code that students use on their online device(s).

Now they are part of the game and can answer questions. For each correct answer users receive points that are awarded at the end of the game. It is also an option to give students the possibility to keep practicing the quiz after class.

Additionally, the platform provides a social element: Quizzes, discussion, surveys and jumbles can be shared or worked on in collaboration with other users. This sharing happens within the Kahoot! platform or on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Another interesting aspect is that you can discover other people’s quizes, which you can reuse for your own education.

The tool is based on research of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and supported by the Norwegian Research Council.

If you are looking for more information: click here to go to the website.

Kahoot! has some similarities with other voting tools like Mentimeter and Socrative. Check our overview to see the differences and similarities.

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