Nearpod is a tool to create interactive presentations. You can actively involve your students by adding interactive activities like open-ended questions, polls or a collective brainstorm to your slides.

To use this tool, students will need to have their own device. On this device, they will see the slides and are able to participate in the interactive activities. On your own device, you can monitor the presentation and activities. You are also able to view the presentation as students see it, which you could show on the screen in the lecture room.

To create a Nearpod interactive presentation:

  1. Log in on the Nearpod website.
  2. Now you can create multimedia presentations. You can upload already existing lecture slides or start creating them from scratch. You can also add content like a video or PDF to your presentation.
  3. You have the possibility to integrate different interactive features. You can ask students a question (for example a fill in the blanks question), have a poll or let students make a quiz with MC-questions. You can also let students create a drawing or let them brainstorm together by adding content to an online board.
  4. The next step is to share your presentation with your students and manage the flow of the lecture.
  5. Students can follow the presentation and participate on their own device by going to the website and entering a code.

Nearpod is suitable the use for smaller groups, like tutorial groups. The free version can be used for a group of maximum 30 students.

You can find more information on the website.

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