Prezi is a presentation software and storytelling tool. The programme employs a zooming user interface, which allows users to zoom in and out of their presentation media to survey the whole picture.

Prezi is a good alternative to classic slide presentation tools as PowerPoint if you wish to visualize the interconnections between the different parts. For example timelines, step-by-step plans or models.

Here you see a good example of the differences between slide tools and Prezi:

Prezi is cloud-based, meaning you can present from your browser, desktop, iPad, or iPhone and always have the latest version of your work at your fingertips. You can sign-up for a free education account here (make sure to use your UvA e-mail address). The benefits of this in comparison to a regular free account are that you can make your presentations private and that you can create individual share links, which can also be revoked.

Website Prezi

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