Above all is Socrative a classroom tool to improve the presentation of teachers and increase the interaction with students. It enables you to measure student understanding and visualize classroom discussions in real-time by engaging students with a series of educational exercises and games.

The app makes use of the fact that every student carries some sort of mobile device as tablets, smartphones, or laptops and is compatible with multiple systems.

Socrative has some similarities with other voting tools like Mentimeter and Kahoot!. Check our overview to see the differences and similarities.

Website Socrative

Sanne Kruikemeijer’s experience with Socrative

My experience with Socrative is a positive one. Socrative is a professional instant response tool that can be used with a maximum of 50 students at the same time. This makes it a very usable tool for practical lectures (‘werkcollege’).

I use it during tutorials or practical lectures to quiz students (for example about articles they had to read) and to let them think about a certain topic in-depth. The tool addresses the students in an individual way, which forces them to individually think of an answer. The tool makes it possible to include feedback regarding a correct or wrong answer, which saves time because you don’t have to repeat the answer for the whole group. Socrative will show you what questions students struggled most with and you can discuss those with the whole group. Finally, you can show the students’ progress and the final answers directly, using the projector. In my experience, students have been positive about the use of Socrative.



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